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Heritage Trail Buys CSX Right-of-Way

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The Fluvanna Heritage Trail is a public facility for Fluvanna citizens and visitors, in particular, children, the elderly, visually and physically handicapped citizens. It is the first such public facility in Fluvanna County.


 The project captures the beauty and historical significance of the area in a public space and is attractive to tourists as well as local citizens. It is an attractive setting for environmental education, and a place to learn about the history of Fluvanna County and about the forms of transportation so important to our history. 

Fluvanna Heritage Trail is conceived as a fully integrated series of pedestrian/bicycle facilities that link the Village of Palmyra and the County-owned Pleasant Grove property, provide access to the Rivanna River at two points, as well as integrating the Palmyra Elementary School and Camp Friendship (a private camp and conference center). The Trail will connect to historic mill, lock canal and covered bridge sites, to a proposed visitors center and a proposed outdoor classroom. This project will bring together at one point three fundamentally and historically important methods of transportation: river, road and rail.

 Phase I (now completed) included:

Using TEA-21 grant funding matched by Fluvanna County and the Trail Foundation, Phase One included construction of an ADA accessible trail for the physically disabled on Pleasant Grove connecting the eastern trailhead to the Sandy Beach on the Rivanna River.  This is the first such trail facility in Fluvanna County. In cooperation with the Historical Society, this same grant provided partial funding for the stabilization of the Society‚Äôs historic mill along the Rivanna in Palmyra and construction of the Village Park at the north end of Palmyra.  In addition, volunteers used grant money to build kiosks, benches, trail markers and other trail facilities.   .

 Entranceway and Parking for approximately 20 vehicles is located off Route 53, just 1 mile west of the intersection of Routes 15 and 53..

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